Welcome to Bazukas

Our rare and exquisite Bazukas are all made by hand without the standard wooden molds and cutters of average cigars. They must be made without conventional cigar making tools because of their enormous size.

The tabaquero who makes them is himself a rare individual with an even rarer talent. His giant hands make these phenomenal cigars by feel, and their size and shape can vary quite a bit. The sizes we provide with each style of Bazuka are only a guideline and we by no means guarantee that they accurately describe these cigars 100% of the time.

As always, our cigars are made with the very finest tobaccos available and the best craftsmanship there is and hope they can be appreciated for unique qualities. We stand proudly behind our factory and our product, and if you are not completely satisfied with your order for any reason, you may return it within 7 days for a full refund.